blowfish sushi to die for

Blowfish Sushi To Die For has enjoyed 21 years of success, providing San Francisco some of the best and most innovative sushi and Asian fusion cuisine that the Bay has to offer. This success allowed Ritsu and Jason to develop other concepts, fast becoming legendary:

Iza Ramen began as a pop-up concept that just couldn’t be contained without its own space. Two locations later (Lower Haight and SOMA), it has become a ramen staple in Northern California.

Tawara Sake Dining is the newest offering from the pair. A humble, but comforting take on Izakaya style cuisine, nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. With an extensive sake list and an inventive japanese-fusion style menu to pair with, Tawara is an intimate, friendly experience, filled with culture and flavor.


chef-owner ritsuo tsuchida


Ritsuo Tsuchida (Ritsu) is the co-owner and the Executive Chef of Blowfish Sushi to Die For, which opened its original location in San Francisco’s Mission District in 1996.

Chef Ritsu comes from a long line of chefs and his family takes great pride in their success, operating restaurants in Tokyo for several generations. He received traditional training by a renowned Sushi Master in Tokyo before immigrating to the Bay Area and inspiring legions of sushi lovers in San Francisco at Clement’s Okazu-Ya.

Chef Ritsu’s remarkable and innovative sushi and food artistry quickly gained popularity in San Francisco, allowing him to partner with restaurateur Jason Teplitsky for the opening of Blowfish Sushi - and eventually expand to Hollywood, New Zealand and San Jose.

Chef Ritsu was recognized by the prestigious James Beard Foundation and was invited to present his culinary skills at their San Francisco event in 2005. He has also worked all over the world as a guest chef alongside celebrity European chefs, and continues to explore his unlimited palates and creative spirit.

With over two decades of experience in Bay Area, Asian inspired food, Ritsu and Jason are as ambitious as ever. They’ve set their sights on another 20 years of success and evolved Blowfish into an entirely new experience. Blending the spirit that brought them so much support in the past, with interesting flavors, innovative recipes and an elegant new look, they present an entirely new BLOWFISH SUSHI.